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Several degree courses and post-graduate educational activities present at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia offer a high-quality training in the field of Neurosciences and Neurotechnologies.

Single-cycle Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Single-cycle Master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques (in association with the University of Parma)

Master’s degree in Experimental and Applied Biology

Master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnologies

Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnologies

Post-graduate School in Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Toxicology

Post-graduate School in Neurology

Post-graduate School in Pediatric Neuropsychiatry

Post-graduate School in Psichiatry

Doctoral Research Programme in Neurosciences (in association with the University of Parma)
Emilia-Romagna Regional Doctoral Research Programme – Neurosciences

Short Master Programme "Alcohol-related disorders"